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Leica Summitar 5cm/ 50mm f2 CLA

Big Jim

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Can anyone suggest where I might be able to get my Leica Summitar 5cm/ 50mm f2 serviced ? Preferably in Germany but if there is a specialist elsewhere in Europe I’d  e interested to know. Any tips appreciated! Thanks 

ich habe ein Leica Summitar 5cm/ 50mm f2, das einen Service gebrauchen könnte.
Gibt es jemanden in Deutschland, den Sie empfehlen können, der diese Arbeiten durchführen kann ? Inklusive Reinigung der Blenden und Linsen ? Für jede Empfehlung bin ich dankbar.

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If you scroll down to the Historica and Collectors Forum you will find Leica servicers around the world. I can't guarantee the list is up to date, as there have been some retirements and deaths fairly recently, but it is a good start. Also just searching the Leica forum for CLA should get you some good answers. I live in the USA, so my suggestions, being local, aren't of help to you.

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Thanks @spydrxx. I have now received the lens which is a 1951 6 blade coated and wanted to ask a question.

I’m probably being over cautious but just wanted to check. Doing the flashlight test the front glass has a vey noticeable fingerprint. Can I clean this as I do my more modern lenses with a lens cloth and ROR lens cleaner ? Or will this leave scratches? 


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So I managed to remove the fingerprint from the lens with a very gentle light touch of a cotton bud and a drop of ROR.

I have a further question about the Summitar. My aperture ring fortunately isn’t stiff but I notice it can be set very slightly before the F2 mark and the same distance after f16. Is this normal ? 

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