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Mick Taylor - East End Legend

David Cantor

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Here's Mick again looking very dapper in his pin-stripe trousers and neckerchief.  Here he was being treated to a cup of coffee by an adoring young woman, not very far from his regular haunt. There may be a little lens distortion around his hands but they were very big for such a slight man.  Mick had been a drayman at a nearby brewery and shaking hands with him was like putting your hands in a friendly vice.

His was a very interesting life, given up by his mother at birth and handed over to his grandmother who raised him until she passed.  When she died Mick was distraught and wandered the streets for four days until he was eventually picked up by the police and taken home where he attempted suicide.  He didn't succeed and ended up in a mixed ward next to a bed occupied by a young woman who was similarly unsuccessful, her name was Frances Shea.  Frances was married to Reggie Kray one half of the notorious twins who were the biggest villains in the East End of London.  After recovery, Mick and Frances were an item for some months, Frances went back to her husband and later made a successful attempt on her life - how very sad.


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4 hours ago, Sparkassenkunde said:

What a life! It is ever so interesting to read your backstories about the people you make us know with your pictures. Thank you very much for sharing your encounters on the streets with us!


56 minutes ago, Lux50 said:

Great image and interesting backstory.

There are many more stories about Mick and I heard plenty of rumours about his exploits.

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32 minutes ago, fotografr said:

Your story and photo make the painting of his hands much more meaningful. His life story demonstrates that acquiring wealth and power are not the best yardsticks for measuring a successful and happy life. 

Oh so true Brent.  The happiest person that I know is the man who cleans our windows, he loves what he does, working in the open air and leading a healthy lifestyle.  The East End  was a place where most people were born into poverty, just 200 yards from where this photo was taken was home to the most notorious slum in Victorian London.  Mick was born after the place was demolished but the reason that his mother gave him up was because she couldn’t afford to feed him. Mick was a proud man, he told me about the tourist who gave him £1 after photographing him, Mick gave the coin back and said  ‘you need this more than I do’.  
A friend who teaches photography at college urged me not to take hackneyed portraits of old men with dishevelled hair, stubble and lined faces, Mick’s stories prove that engagement offers much more than just composing and  pressing the shutter.

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