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50 Lux and crop or 75 Apo?


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I shot this the other day with SL2-S (24mp) and the Summilux-M 50 ASPH, in crop mode (75mm), with some slight trimming.

The light was awful (skin tones) but otherwise a nice shot. f1.4 1/60th at ISO 3200.


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On 9/14/2023 at 1:09 AM, wizard said:

In my view, this may be the answer to your question. Why don't you just try cropping some 50mm shots to 75mm for some time to see how that works? I am pretty sure you would regret selling your 50 lux asph sooner rather than later, so why run the risk? Personally, I have always considered 75mm too close to 50mm anyway, and have long since preferred a 90mm lens instead of a 75, but of course that is quite subjective. I would NOT sell the 50 lux asph if I were you.

I am on third 50 Lux aspherical and wrote myself a note never to sell it no matter how little I do not use it at times.

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I’ve had both, currently have the 50. The 50 is easier to frame, easier to focus, lighter, less prone to flare, but the the 75 has nicer bokeh when stopped down slightly. The 50 Lux weakness is it’s hexagonal balls. 

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