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SL2 to M11 ?


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Hi there,

So here is the thing - I've been a M shooter since ages ( read : film days :)) 

I had pretty much every iteration of M digital cameras : bought a M8 on launch day, M9 on launch day, M10 had a few ( P , MD ) and in the interim had a SL - nice but very slow, sold it.

So I sold few M digitals ( kept the M9 because is heavy brassed and so many memories with it ) for Sony's A7RIII then IV then A1 and while they were magnificent ( G lens and AF is incredible )  - damn they felt soulless so I switched back and bought a SL2 and 35SL APO and 90SL APO, since my vision and I was getting used to AF and eye focus.

Happy pictures, sharp as "#!3(& , its perfect - but missing the rangefinder experience - and the M9 ( still have it ) its a dog sh... on ISO above 400 or trying to pull something from the shadows.

My eyes are not the same ( wear glasses ) and while with the M's, sometimes focus is missed a bit ( like to shoot lens wide open ) , SL2 is hit or completely miss because AF is a bit dodgy at best; seems that with the M with the pre-focusing on what was going to happen was a better experience than a clunky - albeit precise - AF.

So I've been offered a trade for my SL2+35SLAPO+90SLAPO for M10-R chrome ( my favorite ) + 35FLE ( my favorite focal lenght ) or M11+35FLE for a small change.

I truly believe that the SL APO lenses are the pinnacle of Leica - they are flawless - but I do quite a bit of travel photography and the SL2 and two APO's is just a bit... cumbersome. So I usually take the SL2+35SL APO and that's it - which is not bad, I'm a bit of one lens guy - but the SL2 size and weight, sometimes do get in a way a bit, apart from loosing a bit the "stealth" factor a M

Leaning towards the M10-R ( rather than the M11, which had a bit of terrible start, plus the 40mp of the M10-r are good enough and the sensor being comparable to the SL2, seems fine, plus has the lower removable, which I'm a bit snob and prefer it ( call it old film guy stupid things ). The M11 for me has better battery, the addition of Visioflex for critical focusing ( but then again I might be left with the SL2 and that's it ) and not much more ) - but having seconds thoughts.

Anyone did the SL2 -> M10R or M11 route and regreted it ? Really on the fence here. ( posting on the M10 sub forum as well, sorry :)

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I have SL2/SL2s and an M11.  I thought to sell the SL system and replace with M but I realized that it's nice to have both systems:

* SL system when you need quick shots with AF (SL2 has improved AF with latest firmware) such as family or events like weddings

* M when you want to be creative (and have fun) and have time to compose.


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I had the same adventure. Film M (still have the M6 :) ), M8, M240, SL2, now M11. The SL2 was great for assignments and studio work, great lenses, but too heavy to enjoy wandering the streets, nature,.. So, in January I switched to the M11. Very happy with the image quality, M6-like haptics, and after some firmware updates no issues. Sometimes I miss the AF but I general highly recommended. I did not go for the M10x serie, because I believe the M11 is the next platform in terms of accessories, batteries, etc.. and the sensor is next level (crop flexibility is really nice in case you are a one lens guy.. ;) ).


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Exactly as said above, the SL2 and the M11 each excel, but under differing use cases. 

The SL primes are, indeed, at the pinnacle of optical quality available today. The SL zooms are a good as zooms get. In both cases, the tradeoff to achieve these results has been to permit the lenses to be as large as needed to achieve the optical results. 

I use the SL2 when the subject or setting requires some combination of zoom and/or auto focus, when that requirement is greater than the downside of dealing with the weight and bulk of the SL system. The SL system nails results. 

I use the M11 and M11M whenever there is no requirement for zoom or for auto focus, as a matter of strong personal preference. I prefer the M system unless there's a compelling reason in the situation to reach for the SL system.


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