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SL2, SL2-S or S007


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I just purchased the S 007 and the S 70mm lens. Before I made the purchase I was on the Fence about getting the SL2 or SL2_s

  I shoot mainly Portraits and Group shots( no Landscapes)

  Any comments are appreciated.  Thanks  

PS  I do use OCF  

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I have the S to SL2-S.  (It is excellent with the S lenses. Buy the S to SL adapter).  

Toggle focus, eye autofocus, in body stabilization.  It does very well in low light conditions.

Good luck. 


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All I can say is great IQ, personally I like the 70mm a lot for environmental portraits/ images of my kids etc. Its a very flexible lens, relativly light (for S lens), nice bokeh. I bet you will be very happy with the IQ. The one point AF I find a little "outdated".

I recommend 1/250 if possible.

I also find 36MP a good compromise between speed and resolution.


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