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S007 Battery issue—replacement in Chile?


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This is going to be a long shot.

Yesterday, I wanted to charge one of my 2 batteries for the S007.  It was about 20% charged. I did not pay much attention to the charging.  When I put it in the camera today, it was still only 20% charged.  So I connected it to the charger.  After about a minute, the 80% indicator started to blink and another minute later, the yellow light was on constantly. So I fear the battery is dead (I had a similar issue many years ago with the S2).

Any idea what to do or where to source a spare battery in Chile. I am currently in Santiago and about to start a 10 months trip. The thought of having only one battery for the S scares me. 

Thanks. Georg 

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I tried everything.  The only thing that’s left is to see what happens when the battery is completely empty. But I am not very optimistic. 

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@GMB, the direct answer to your question is that Leica stores typically ship anywhere, although you have probably figured that out by now.  You can also sometimes get them on location (I got an adapter once at Leica Firenz that saved me).  

Curious if you ever tricked the charger to handle the battery?

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