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6 months with the Leica M240


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I bought the old M240 back in February 2023. I have been shooting film Leica for many years but can’t justify the prices anymore. I Love the M240, I have nothing to complain about. I see no reason to buy the M10/M11. It’s old but still awesome. Here are a few shots. If you want to see more photos visit my instagram here: @landberg

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4 hours ago, tedd said:

Gorgeous. Were these all shot on the 28? Your results look much more TriX'y than I manage with Lightroom myself too. Feel like sharing any secrets?

Thank you!

Yes, all are 28mm. I don’t have any secrets. I edit all my photos from scratch, no presets. I use Lightroom and an iPad Pro. 

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I agree with all of the above; you make excellent use of the frame!

To keep this on the tech side, the M240 and M246 are, in my opinion, the sleeper bargains in the Leica lineup. Pair either with your choice of wonderful Leica legacy glass and you've got an incredibly powerful rig at a mainstream market price. If the rangefinder and optical viewfinder approach resonates with someone, why settle for a CanNiFuji plastic wonder?

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