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Searching for M6 Special Edition "Ein Stück Leica" No. 738 - Serial No. 2300738

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5 minutes ago, Borna said:

Damn, I wonder how this will end.

Hopefully you don't take advantage of OP financially. 🤑


I bought the camera for use rather than collecting it. However, it is a limited version of 996 units, and the condition is almost mint, so it is burdensome to use it. Just money to buy a new version of the m6 or a regular m6 of this near mint class I can hand this camera over to drstrangelove enough.

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Hey guys,

I have just called this off and told yolo_sight, that I won’t buy it.

Don’t get me wrong: it is hard for me to let this go. But I share the bad gut feeling with many of you and I think my hard earned money will be safer and better invested in other ways to uphold my uncle’s memory. Maybe this gem will someday find its way to me at last, but this is not the way.

Finally I really want to thank you for baring with me on this. My deepest thanks go out to jpark114 for not only finding the camera (what are the odds?) but also supporting me intensely during the last days with insights and conclusions. You have the heart on the right spot! 

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