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M11 Monochrom Firmware

Bill W

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I just received my M11 Monochrom on Friday the 11th. I thought I would make sure it had the latest firmware so I went to the Leica website to see what was current and it has 1.6.1. My new camera has 1.6.2 so I guess it is current but am I missing something. There is no mention of 1.6.2 on the Leica website. Anyone know what are the changes to 1.6.2? Is it the usual "bug" fixes? Love the camera.

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On 8/11/2023 at 9:35 PM, wellknown said:

According to an official Information i recieved from Leica, there won't be a firmware 1.6.2 anytime soon. 1.6.2 is the same as 1.6.1 and just used internally at the factory. Just wanted to let you know, sorry for the misinformation when starting this thread. 

Again: 1.6.2 won't see the light of day...

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