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M8/9 Batteries


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Just charging a couple of my M9 batteries. Noticed that one is marked ' for Leica M8' (I had M8s, so it was a 'leftover') which means that it may well be as much as 14-15 years old. It is charging at the same rate as a much later M9 battery (80% charged reached for both in the same time and both had reached the low battery warning in the camera) which seems to suggest that it is in as good condition as the later battery. I'm actually quite impressed. Our Canon batteries of the same age are now becoming somewhat inconsistent in charge times and show poor recovery.

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Yes, kind of miraculous batteries.

I have some labelled FOR LEICA M8 which are still alive, some were recycled many years ago.

With a loupe, I marked the manufacture dates (itched randomly on the battery) on them, now I have "02-07 H", " 30-07 H", "16-08 H" (made 16th week of 2008 !).

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