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SL2 with Canon(Zeiss) EF

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i bought an SL2 a year or so ago and was shooting Canon before.Some of the older Canon/Zeiss lenses I can sell but some I do want to keep

i was told Sigma had a converter that could do that so I bought it (Sigma mount converter MC-21) but uness I do something wrong it do not work (I can attach it to my leica but not to my lenses)…Am I doing something wrong or have I bought the wrong Sigma converter??


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No, MC21 is the right one. You can be doing something wrong, but hard to see what this could be. I had no issues at all with my MC21 and EF lenses. Unless you have received the model which lets you use Sigma SA-L lenses? I believe they may share product ID MC 21 but different order numbers:

MOUNT CONVERTER MC-21 | MOUNT CONVERTER | Accessories | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)


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There are two versions of the mc-21!  Trust me, I have purchased both…

one says sigma mount.

one says canon ef mount.

the connector pins are different and the lens bayonet is different.  See my photos.  If you do not see an mc-21 that matches exactly mine, then it will not work nor mount an EF lens…

I ordered two mc-21 from Japan and that’s how I figured out there are two actual mounts named the same but fitting differently.  Probably changed because of a trademark issue with canon.

so if you do not see “canon ef-L” printed on the actual adapter… it will not adapt to EF mounted lenses by canon, zeiss for canon, etc….

hope that helps.


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