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Only "thumbnails" for photos

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Today I found out that many photos posted in this forum appear only as little blue "thumbnails" with a question mark. Sometimes the picture appears if I click on them, but often they don't.

  Just one example: #7418, 7419

Same with Ecar's photos in #7409 on the same page, or #7402.

I don't think that the files are too big, as I never use the max. size for photos which can be posted here. Trying to get access to the photos with an Ipad gives the same results as with a Mac. 



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These are photos that were posted as a link from for instance Flickr. As the host site reorganizes or the images get moved around, these links get broken, resulting in them being lost to the forum. Which is the reason we do not encourage linking to images but advise uploading them to the forum directly.

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vor 8 Stunden schrieb jaapv:

These are photos that were posted as a link from for instance Flickr.

I am sure that my examples I quoted above are not linked from Flickr or anywhere else. I only post directly. Though when I look now, I see that the problem is somehow solved: I see the photos as they were posted and not only thumbnails. Maybe there were some network issues yesterday. (Though I promise I didn‘t announce to run for president …).

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That is possible. The question mark icon only indicates that the forum is unable to display the image. However, the reason I gave is the most common one.

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I guess this is the same thing I'm experiencing, and which I made a new thread about yesterday (sorry I didn't see there was already a thread about this, a moderator can merge them if they want).

I have seen this for a long time, probably for several years. I always thought they were pictures that were referred from other sites (like flickr), but yesterday I discovered that it had happened to several of my own photos, both recently uploaded and old ones. And I only upload to this forum directly.

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