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Leica sl 2 -s user profile

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More than 40 years working as a photographer / filmer and earn our living with that amazing job.

I skipped all those years the rangefinder Leica because of the truly amazing Hasselblad analog system.

Working with Linhof technica ,Sinar , fuji Gfx 680 , Nikon f3 Hp to the digital world in 2002 with Hasselblad with the square 4x4 sensor. Than the Kodak 760(6 mp)  and than best ccd sensor camera the Phase one 45 P

and a unbelievable amount of Nikon Canon Olympus models for Photo and film.

The last 3 years with The Hasselblad X1 d 2 and the  till now the Hasselblad X2D.

And as a huge mistake the Nikon Z9 ( what a waste of money ) Bad autofocus (yes) really to much grain at higher iso , small dynamic range. The stack cmos sensor ... they bring it to fast.

Till 3 weeks ago i get my hands on a Leica Sl2 s never think about Leica in all those years .

It is a really a wonder.

Colors , lenses  the feeling the look yes it is it! Also the very pro film cine settings.

But one thing this week happened with 2 weddings.

The user profile (saved) switch from my settings to default with switching battery of sometimes spontaneously.

That's really not a joke.

I try everything but that's the current situation.

Have other users also that problem , I read an early post but that gave no solution.

Kind regards Arjo










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