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Internal Battery


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I understand that the Leica M10 like a lot of digital devices, has an internal battery. This could be to ensure that essential data is not reset during, say, a battery swap.

Could someone shed some light on the service interval for this, and should it fail in the field, what are the implications?

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I do not know how long it normally lasts in the M10. Until now, I experienced failure of the internal battery only on Leica products at least 10 years old. The effects are minor. It loses the current date and time whenever your battery runs down. Battery swapping fast is often possible without loss. If not, you have to remember setting the date every time you swap a battery. Even if you forget that, programs like LR and C1P will allow you to set the date after the fact. I am not sure about profiles and such, but they will get lost too I think. I do not use them so it does not bother me.


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The Leica internal battery is a rechargeable/capacitor device so the service interval is if or when it fails and as above even then it's not life threatening. 

If left with no main battery for long enough then it will exhaust and date will revert but on replacing it will recharge, that takes quite a while though.

Some cameras, like the D3 Nikon, have a CR type "proper" battery that is user replaceable from the main battery compartment, that may be where confusion arises. 

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