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How to carry SF24 D Wide and Tele Adapters?

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Can someone suggest a convenient way to carry the SF24D with both wide and tele adapters?


The flash is compact enough, but there's no separate case for the adapters. They don't seem robust enough to toss them into a gadget bag unprotected.


How do owners of the SF24 D cope with carrying the whole shebang (maybe also with a spare set of batteries)?





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You only need the adapters if shooting 24mm or 90 MM if I remember correctly. so how do you shoot with a 24mm lens with the SF24 mounted on the camera? I have the SF24 and only carry the adapter for the 90mm.

I have the current Lieca Large bag and two M's with lenses and flash are in the bag. The bag gets left in the car and I carry the M's 'au natural' with the SF24 mounted on my M7 if contemplating shooting flash indoors. All the rest is in my vest. -Dick

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I carry the SF24D in my gadget bag in its original plastic bag - there is just room for the filters to fit in above the head of the flash, which itself goes head down into the bag. my bag is by CCS and easily holds the DMR, flash + filters and another lens, together with a spare set of batteries.


The good thing about storing the flash 'head down' in the compartment, is if I just want the flash, then that comes out first - if I want the flash and accessories, then I can extract the flash then reach into the plastic bag for the filters.


Ps. ..now if I can only remember where I put the instructions for the flash.....

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But don't file off those little bumps on the bottom edge, thinking they are a moulding flaw! They press small switches on the front of the camera to get the flash to compensate its exposure.


Some days, when completely lose it, I think Leica will introduce a new well designed flash, with tilting, zooming head which responds to the lens coding.

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