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The 1.2-meter-long Leica lens


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This Qatari prince loved photography so much that he bought the world’s most expensive camera lens for $2 million. The 1.2-meter-long Leica lens was so heavy that the billionaire royal had to customize a Mercedes SUV. 


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3 hours ago, jaapv said:

News? 2006... And the Mercedes pictured is a 2022 model, not the 16 year older one..🙄 Silly article.

Silly old article? Well Leica attracts some silly users, to say it politely. And it’s just been published. Please delete the topic if it doesn’t meet the high standards in here. 👀

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The topic is fine thank you for drawing attention to the article   The lens was mentioned on the forum a few days ago   The silly bit is that a luxury novelties magazine  reports it like today’s discovery, despite knowing that it has been on display since 17 years and reinforcing it by a photo of a car that is seventeen years ahead of the one associated with the lens. 

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