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What is a fair used price for the 50mm Summicron-M 50mm f2?

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I'm currently renting a camera along with the 50mm lens and they offer to you a purchase price if you like the equipment that much that you want to keep it. The purchase price is about $2300 USD and I'm not sure if this is a fair price or if it is too high. I see that a brand new one is $2900 so I'm curious to ask other's opinions about which is the better decision to make. I appreciate your insight!

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I usually compare the prices under pre-owned equipment at Camerwest or LeicastoreMiami, that should give you some idea.  Keep in mind that some might be 6 bit coded and others not.  The uncoded lenses are generally $200 less and most often they let you know in the listing.  Just my personal experience but I think both stores mentioned are excellent and respond quickly to questions.

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If you describe the item in detail (don't know if you are talking about only the lens or a lens and body)...model, condition of the barrel, lens elements, smoothness of focus, smoothness of aperture ring, and a quoted price or range, if it has had a CLA or not, whether it comes with some sort of warranty, etc. we can better "comment" if it sounds like a fair price in today's market without telling you what we think it is worth. Kind of a technicality.

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