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SL2-S Issues (brand new)

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On 4/7/2023 at 6:12 PM, giganova said:

I even rented/borrowed some competing cameras before I ordered the SL: the Canon R5, R6, Fuji X-T5, and spent significant amount of time with the Q2 and SL2-S in the Leica store. But in all fairness, one probably doesn't purchase a Leica for state-of-the-art technologies. The AF of the Canon R5 and R6, for example, blow any Leica out of the water. Be it as it may, there seems to be some significant software issues Leica needs to address, the hardware is beautiful.

What were your reasons for choosing the Leica then? If AFc and tracking are that critical to you, why not go with the Canon? (I'm not trying to be passive-aggressive about this, I am just curious!)

FWIW my SL2-S is set to iAF almost all the time, and I use it for stage/theatre/drama. I know it could be better, but it basically does the job for me in getting deliverables. The front bottom pair of buttons are assigned to Focus Mode and AF mode, allowing me to switch quickly to something more predictable in complex situations.

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Af-c is usable with SL2-S. I made a switch from Canon and tested this and it's fine with photos. I kept 1DXmk3 and 5Dmk4 and some white lenses for sports.

With video it's better to use manual focus and hdmi monitor imho. If it involves walking towards the camera... Great system, it just needs to find out how to use it, the power of profiles etc

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On 4/6/2023 at 9:29 PM, giganova said:

the entire camera noticeably vibrated and made a loud noise which seems to come from inside the lens (presumably the AF motor).

I am experiencing the same with the Summicron SL 50mm Asph, only when using the back screen and not when using the viewfinder. It happens a lot more often with AFc that AFs. Refocusing stops it most of the time.

I’m talking to Leica support regarding this, I’m looking forward to understanding if it’s a firmware issue with the new lenses or anything else. 

anyone else experiencing it?

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