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Dropped and misaligned frame lines for Voigtlander Viewfinder - 21/25mm Metal

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Hi all, and thank you in advance. 
I use a Voigtlander Viewfinder - 21/25mm Metal with my Leica Super Angulon 21mm. I recently dropped the viewfinder - and since then the frame lines are tilted and they shift. I can knock them into place but that only provides a temporary solution before they become crooked again. 

It the metal one and I really like it since framelines are quite bright and the overall body small. I’ve open the front glass but couldn’t get passed the second glass. The framel lines are beyond the second glass from the front. I don’t  know how to remove the rest of it. The back has screw grooves but impossible to open with my bare hands, if they are meant to open at all. I’ve open the shoe mount screws but only metal comes off - no access to the glass there. 

Please see attached images. Is there any way to fix this? Anyone had this problem before? Any input would be great. Thank you. 




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