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Lens pouch

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The leica lens pouches are a bit large for me to carry in my ‘Non camera bag’ . Looking for something soft, durable, waterproof (if possible) lite. I really don’t want ‘hooks and clips’.  I really don’t see much and was wondering what you’re using.  

lenses are 21 SEM, 35, 50, 75 crons. 

I currently have 2 ‘Pro Lens Case - Small and medium Pouch to fit Micro 4/3, Leica, Zeiss. They are nice , before moving ahead was wondering what others use



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Mine won't go under water, but they have already showed that they protect against a little rain.

My little clever fingers 😜 made them to mesure from old clothes, two layers and some foam in the bottom for shock protection.

Cost price and weight close to nothing except if one admits that time is money

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3 hours ago, Herr Barnack said:

I have several of these and have used them for years with excellent results:  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/75801-REG/Zing_Designs_560_102_SPB1_Small_Drawstring_Pouch.html

They do have a clip, but if you are so inclined it could be easily removed.

Indeed. They are similar to the ones from aliexpress


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