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D-Lux 7 rattle... is this normal?

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I have a new D-Lux 7.  If hold it and give it a gentle shake (no strap, no lens cover... just the camera) there is a slight rattling noise coming from the the lens. If I hold the lens and shake the camera, the rattle is still there.  If I put the lens cover on, the rattle still exists.

Is this normal?  Does anyone else have this?



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Stuny, maybe 'cause when I try a gentle shake with the camera on, it's noticeably less, though still slightly present.  I have a call into Leica to see what they say.  I'll report back. 

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3 hours ago, stuny said:

I wonder if this is due to the shake reduction feature, which is "off" when the camera is off.  The Q and the Q2 have that rattle.

I've seen this in a review of the D-Lux7 (special edition Baping Ape & Stash) on the YouTube Channel of mathphotographer at approx. 18:34 min that the camera makes a noice when the camera is switched off. From the moment the camera is switched on the noice is gone due to the lens stabilization.


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