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New York - Eight days a week


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No, not really, that's an old Beatles song but I was just thinking about that. It's only eight days that I'll be spending in New York in March/April. Thank God, the Covid-19 spook is over for now (fingers crossed, knock on wood). I wonder what focal length I should bring with me. I don't want to take more than three lenses for reasons of convenience. From my fund of focal lengths I could take along:

  • 15mm CV
  • 24mm Elmarit
  • 28mm Zeiss
  • 35mm Various lenses
  • 50mm Various lenses
  • 55mm Yashica (M42)
  • 85mm New Petzval Art Lens, Nikon Nikkor

The more lenses you have, the harder the choice. My preference for now is:

  • 24mm Elmarit
  • 35mm, either Summilux pre asph or Zeiss Distagon
  • 50mm, Noctilux 1.0 or CV Nokton 1.0

Would I miss anything?

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