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As well as owning a cl, I just received the Leica offering as a package a new sl2 s with their 50mm lens. The deal was to good to ignore so it's done. No turning back now. I have been swallowed up by all things Leica.

  Immediate impressions is of course the build and the potential having moved from apsc format to full frame.  I am new to this having purchased my first Leica in 2021 during the pandemic and consider myself a complete beginner on training wheels. With no previous experience except point and shoot cameras in the past to only capture family and holiday occasions, I find myself looking at the world in terms of a potential photo opps as a motorcycle rider looks as roadways as a potential fun ride.  

  So having said that, please be patient with my occasional questions about the operation of this camera and I will post pics in the future.

  A massive shout out to the Leica boutique where the camera was purchased. They were great.

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I'm pretty new here myself, but will say Welcome and congratulations! 

I have found this forum to be a fantastic resource as I've dived deeper into the world of Leica. In fact, I've received advice here that in some cases I've been trying to find answers for years. I got back into photography with a Fuji X100T about 8 years ago, and invested in a couple of bodies and a number of lenses after that. My journey with Leica started with a Q2 in late 2021; I spent all of 2022 with both systems, but just could not resist the lure of an all Leica system. So, at the beginning of 2023, I dove into the SL world with an SL2 and the 24-70. I've added since then, and plan on adding more lenses. 

I look forward to seeing more of your reports and photos! 


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