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My first Leica camera : Leica X2 with VF


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I just bought a leica X2 in its box with its leica VF for 650€. I guess it's good price for trying my first leica camera. They are very expensive and I can't afford a Q2 or SL2 for now

I was torn betwwen leica X1 and X2 for buying my first leica. I guess these X camera seems to have a good ratio price/leica look.

I did not try it now, the battery is charging and it's a rainy day. I hope I will enjoy this camera.

I have a lot of camera and brand like sony, canon and fujifilm. my favorite one are canon rp or A7Rii with contax zeiss glass. but there a little bulky. I also love the rendition pf XPRO1 and X100S.

I'm not into clinical sharpness and ISO, i think there're totally overated. I want deep colors, clarity and microcontrast. Contax Zeiss glass or XF 35mm 1.4 on the xpro1 give me that. my GRIIIx is clinical but don't have any character.

I guess it be an interesting game between my X100S, GR3x and this X2. I'm really curious to see how it compare in IQ with the X100S and it's marvelous xtrans II sensor with good clarity and contrast but not deep colors (reds are not reds).

Concerning the size, it's perfect. I like this 350gr body. it fits in a winter jacket and stay around the neck for day without pain, like the X100's cameras.

Then I will be curious if the X VARIO can compete with an XPRO1 and xf 18-55mm in IQ. That's my favorite combo in size/zoom/IQ. My RP with zoom lens is clinical but lack of tonal range and more bulky, same with A7RII but more clinical and more bulky^^.


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Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will enjoy your X2. Ask here is you have any questions. I have the X1, which I have written about on my website. Also, the X Vario.

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Welcome to the forum. I also use the X2 with the VF2 EVF. This EVF is the main advantage over the X1 IMO.  I hate shooting with screen display only. And because it is so small and light you hardly notice when it is in your pocket. The X2 is getting older but you will be surprised at what it can do at base ISO.

To me it is a worthy companion for my M9. Fun when I am a bit lazy and want AF or simply as a wide angle option when I have a 50mm or longer on the M9.

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Welcome to the Leica forum and family. I still own my X-Vario although I haven't used the camera much in recent years. It uses the same electronic viewfinder as the Leica X2. Enjoy your X2.


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Enjoy the X2 - it was my first digicam, and I still shoot it. The color is good, and the lens was the first designed per the specs Leica have applied to their recent APO lens designs for the M and SL lines. I have really good prints up to 12" x 18" with it, and could probably print bigger if I bought bigger paper. You might want to pick up an extra batt - they can become scarce after a camera is discontinued.

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