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Lens coding not recognised on some cameras


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I had my M lenses coded about 10 years ago by a professional, but I have a problem with the 28mm Summicron Asph. It is recognised by the M8 but not by the M240 or M to L adapter.

Here is the lens. 

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I would like to touch it up rather than send it in but I am not sure where to start.  Obviously the furthest right white slot looks suspect since some white paint has peeled off, but I think I did that trying to wipe it clean in an attempt to get it to work on all the cameras, so I don’t think that that slot is necessarily the problem. 

I am thinking of getting some black and white paints and touching all the slots up a bit but am not sure that this is the best approach.

Also, I have been reading through the old threads and see that Gaia paint was recommended, but is seems that it is not readily available on EU sites (Amazon/ EBay).  Which one can I use? 

Thanks in advance for suggestions. 

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5 minutes ago, 250swb said:

Tamiya Flat Black XF-1 and Flat White XF-2 are very good and dry very matt. You don't really need the white, it just makes it look neater I suppose.

So the problem should be in the black slots? 

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Yes, if you have an uncoded flange that you are coding yourself you can leave the 'white' rebates bare metal. The black on your lens doesn't look any worse than most lenses but I'm just wondering if the white peeling off has created a spot of uneven contrast that the sensor is picking up on and being confused by.

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Posted (edited)

You don't need the white but your last pit is not totally white anymore. There is a sort of dirt or grey area in it apparently. I would make sure that it is uniformly white or silver to begin with. It this does not work, you may wish to apply some black paint or ink in the black pits that are perhaps not black enough anymore.  I use Markal Dura-Ink permanent markers personally (https://markal.com/products/dura-ink-15). FWIW.

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I agree that the Tamiya paints work well for coding. Also, the black is what the camera is seeing for the code. I also would advise making that last white slot “whiter” should solve the problem. The other ones look fine.

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If the problem persists after fixing the last (or actually first) white dot the problem may be in the position of the code. Have you tried mounting the lens so that it doesn't quite lock or, if possible, turns a bit past the lock position? This is of course only a test, not the solution - leaving the lens in either position will cause other problems.

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