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Voting for 'Dangerous' Challenge is now open - post your votes here.

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All Forum Members, as well as contestants, are welcome to vote. Voting is now open and will be closed Sunday March 12, 2023, 'close' to GMT. Effectively when I rise on the Monday AEST. ie. after I have walked the dog. ūüėá

Voting must give 3 points to your 1st choice; 2 points to your 2nd choice and 1 point to your 3rd choice.

You must vote for 3 places otherwise your vote will be invalid.

Contestants may not vote for their own entry.

Important: Cross reference your votes by quoting the post # and the photographers name or image title.

Contestant with the highest total of votes is the winner and has the honour of organizing the next challenge and setting the theme for it.

I will start with my votes.

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#6 - Night in the nursery by Christoph_d -- 3 pts.

#17 - Highly inflammable smoking area by frame-it -- 2 pts

#15 - by OM3Thunter -- 1pt.

Great entries. Choosing was very difficult.

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Post 6: Night in the Nursery (Christoph_d)                             3 Pt

Post 13: Rat Trap (Pyrogallol)                                                  2 Pt

Post 15: Kanone (OM3Thunter)                                               1 Pt


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my votes: 

 Frame-it ,  Highly Inflammable Smoking Area    Nice find... and yes,  smoking is dangerous....       1 pt

Uli Wer,  Keep off!  ,    I like the bold colors and the composition                                                                  2 pts

Christoph d,    Nachts im Kinderzimmer, great idea                                                                                            3 pts 

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Voting is now closed.

It is now my pleasure and duty to announce the place getters.

1st: Christoph_d with his entry of Night In The Nursery with a total score of 19 points.

2nd: Frame_it with Highly Inflammable Smoking Area and 14 points.

3rd: Panfoto with Looks Like Dangerous and 10 points.

Congratulations to Chrisoph_d, Frame-it and Panfoto on their achievement.

To all the other entrants I say well done as it is always interesting to see an assortment of interpretations on the same topic.

It now passes to Christoph_d to test us with the next new topic to which I look forward. Having a definite excuse to load up and use a Barnack Camera is always a joy.

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Thank you Erl, 

winning on the night of the Oscars is always something special ūüėĀ! And congratulations to Frame-it, Panfoto and all the other participants who keep the Barnack cameras alive and busy.¬†
I’ll have to think of some nice topic for the next challenge now…

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My congratulations to Christoph, Frame-it, and Panfoto on their success and it was very pleasing to see such a wide interpretation of the topic throughout everyone's entries!

Also thank you to Erl for so ably organising the Barnack's Challenge and keeping it in the forefront of members' minds.¬† It seemed like better than usual participation this time. ūüôā


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