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I love my M8, but it is rubbish

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How do you frame the 135 on the M8? Tips?


It's actually pretty simple. Press and hold the lens mount button and give the lens a little extra rotation to the right which will cause the 90mm framelines to come up. It simply pushes the selector over like a 90mm lens would. I then frame within the framelines. It's not exact but it's good enough and you soon figure what's going to be in the frame. I'm not adverse to 'chimping' with this arrangement.


As an alternative you can move the frame selector over manually and do it on a shot by shot basis.


Another alternative is to get the lens mount changed. Here's what Leica told me, verbatim:


"As per the Parts Manager, the part number for a replacement rear mount

that would bring up the 90mm frame lines on the M8 is 421-028-250-010

and the cost is $125.00 I'm told that it is possible for you to do the

exchange yourself. The new mount can not be 6-bit coded."


There were some posts on LUF about Leica performing the mod and coding the lens. My contact at Leica denied this, and I quote, "The modification of a 135mm lens is not as common as the internet may have led you to believe.". I obviously don't have the secret Leica NJ handshake .... Anyway, it's a simple matter to get a new mount send it to JLM and get it milled and code it as a 90mm yourself if you want to bring up EXIF data. You don't actually need it coded at all as there's no vignette/cyan drift correction required.


It's a lot easier to focus if you use the 1.25x eye piece, although if your eyesight is 20:20 or better there's no reason why you can't do it without the magnifier - it just takes a little more effort.


Finally, my last practical tip: use a tripod and cable release/self timer.

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Happy to help. The 135/3.5 APO-Telyt is a killer lens if you're prepared to work with it. I think that Leica have frightened some people off by stating that it's not 'supported' - hey, that's probably good if you're buying!



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How do you frame the 135 on the M8? Tips?


Mentally doubling the size of the focus patch works well for me. The 90 framelines include too much.


I've always liked the space compression effect of long lenses.



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