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Back element outline - vintage Noctilux


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Hello members

Just noticed this rought edge on the back elements of my e58 Noctilux - hmm not sure I have noticed before? And have no idea why / what it is.

I checked the e60 Nocti as well as the new f/1.2 and neither of them have any distressed / rough border on the back element. 

Has anyone come across anything like this before? I shot on the M11 as soon as I noticed and can confirm zero effect on image. But I still wonder why hmm.

any ideas, many thanks

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The sides of the lens elements usually receive a blackening treatment to minimise reflections. Over time, the black paint may wear off. This is probably what you are seeing. Rather frequent on older lenses and nothing to worry about, unless you see an effect on pictures or paint chips on the surface of the elements. If it bothers you, Leica or any competent technician can re-blacken the element edges. It's a straightforward job in the context of a CLA.

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