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SL2/SL2-S “other lens“ selections and IBIS


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I missed when “other lens” Camera Settings listings (just FL) showed up (have I missed this all along?), but I believe previously when using non-Leica lenses you had to choose a Leica M or R equivalent for IBIS to best work. I just want to verify the other lens selections work too? Have Googled unsuccessfully for the answer. Looking to use some CV 40mm glass next week. 

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I think the ability to do this was added in the last major firmware update. (Sorry, can't remember the version number off the top of my head, I'm sure somebody who does will come along soon). Somewhere in the lens profile settings you can set the focal length which in turn will be used to set the IBIS correctly. It's a while since I've tried it so I can't check whether the focal length is also recorded in the EXIF data.


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