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Can anyone tell me if there is any worry of scratching from the TU?




I've recently exchanged my original Thumbs-Up for the new Thumbs-Up CS (cold shoe version). I can assuredly say that this latest variant of the device is not so much an accessory as an essential component of the M8. It integrates with it unobtrusively, it does no harm (scratches or otherwise) and it improves the handling so much, that on using the camera without it, everything feels awkward and unwieldy once more.


You can safely invest and you won't regret it.

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I had the opportunity to meet and have coffee with Tim last year when Robert White was visiting the Pacific Northwest from the UK. At that time Tim provided me with the TU CSEP-4 and his BIP shutter release button. The CSEP-4 has a very thick felt pad that rests on top of the M8 body which compresses providing protection from scratching etc.

As you can see the TU has a nice patina from regular use. Not having a hot shoe has not been a problem as I seldom use a flash. The ability to mount the spirit level along side with the viewfinder is invaluable for shooting architecture.

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