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Travelling to Hiroshima- any Camera stores selling Leica Film cameras and vintage cameras?


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Hi. I am travelling to Hiroshima in February for a workshop. I am looking to buy some Leica Film Cameras and lenses. Are there any Vintage Used Camera shops there? Any recommendations? 

I had a M3 and IIIf and IIIG that I had sold to fund a digital Leica and regret to this day. So hoping to get some film bodies again! 

Many thanks. 🤔Satya


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Satya -

I'm unaware of a good Leica place in Hiroshima but consider taking a train to Kyoto where there is a Leica store - Contact them ahead of time to check about used cameras. Train service in Japan is superb - fast, clean, on-time within seconds, and the food you can buy in the stations and on the platforms is amazingly good.  If you have the time, Hiroshima is across the bay from Miyajima Island, a beautiful spot.  But as a New Yorker, you have many places with good used Leicas.  To name a few:  Leica SoHo, B&H and Adorama.  There are more.  Here's a photo of a gate in the water at Miyajima:

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Thanks for the info Stuny. Will try to go to Kyoto from there and Tokyo if time permits on the way out. Forgot to update my location! I moved from New York a year ago and am now in Asia-  (Sri Lanka) hence my asking about places! :)  Oh, I miss New York,... I used to live close to Adorama and that was my weekend stop, in addition to B&H, Leica SOHO etc.. Got a nice Leica iiiG from Tamarkin Camera that I regret selling everyday!  I ordered a Leica M4 from a Hong Kong place and waiting for the courier this week! :) 

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Found out that Leica has a Boutique Store in Hiroshima. :)

Leica Kyoto said they are an electronic store. So a Boutique store has some stuff but smaller than a Leica Store? Website indicates they sell "Sport Optics and Photography".

I have emailed them for information on what they have. Anyone been there? Will definitely go to Kyoto is time permits! 

EDION Tsutayakaden

Hiroshimaculate route


Contact information

+81 82 264 6511


Available Products
  • Sport Optics
  • Photography


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