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Leitz Barnack's 1 Model A


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These are a few images I recently scanned from a quick walk-thru of the neighborhood and not grabbing anything of particular interest, but wanting to see how the camera worked. 
I can see a slight problem on the left hand image when taken at around 500 shutter as the edges darken a bit, as evident by the buildings, the chair and the truck. This can be fixed with a CLA I am sure as the leaf might be a bit slow.
I really like the images of the sky, as found in the 'building photo'...and I really enjoy the overall feel of a 1925 lens....love it...love it....love it. Old, messy....noisy....etc.
I tried to take images across the board and sure, and this camera is very useable. One has to purposely shoot and think with this camera far and above my MA as I have several variables in the right sequence I have to do. I don't have the rangefinder accessory so judge and focus via distance only, which isn't as bad as it appears from the onset. Pretty easy really. 
Anyhow...fun....it is certainly more compact than my MA but weighs much the same I would say. It is limited to 50mm so I have to  adjust to that as I prefer 28 or 35mm in street photos. But an enjoyable adventure and one I will certainly become more proficient at.... jim

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