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Zeiss 18 Distagon Question

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You'll be lucky! Mine was made about 50 years ago by a British company called Moore and Wright that I don't know if it even exists any more. I have never seen another one. Mine is out on loan against a fat deposit cheque at the moment, since I have no need of it on my medical tourism trip to South Africa. No return of torque driver - cheque gets cashed!





Figures...<G> That would be a nice tool to have.





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Mine is from Wiha, another great German manufacturer of precision tools.


England / Home - Wiha | Screwdrivers L-Keys Bits Pliers Online Shop| Premium Tools for Professionals


You'll even see on this web-site home page one being used to remove the bayonet ring off a lens. Can't identify it though, has A-M focus switch, so not Leica...

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JMs adapter arrived today, successfully mounted it after unscrewing the Zeiss adapter using acetone, a Wiha PicoFinish 260P screwdriver which fitted perfectly, using the techniques recommended by Sean and Wilson on carefully unscrewing and applying acetone (had to buy half a liter!) with Q-tips step by step, and applying small amounts of Loctite when fastening the JM adapter.

After some nail polishing - Voila - the Zeiss comes up as a WATE, and I use the menu to set it as a 18mm. I use a Heliopan ES58 UV/IR that fits perfectly, not step up/down.

I have to wait for the weekend to test it however, up here in Norway daylight is already gone when back from work this time of the year....

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