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Q2 and travels to Scotland

Alan J

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The Q2 is the only true camera I take with me on my travels anywhere, globally (I do take an iPhone too). It is very freeing not to carry bags of kit with me nowadays.

Have a look in the Q2 photographs thread if you need reassurance. There is also a good Flickr group for Q2 photographs too.

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2 hours ago, Alan J said:

Hello, I have a new to me Q2 and considering taking it on a Scotland Photo Tour in summer of 2023

Have never been to Scotland. Any advice on a single lens camera such as the Q2 for this trip?

Scotland's a big place and includes big cities and wilderness. Where do you expect to go and what sort of things do you like shooting?

But like @Marc B-Cthe Q2 is my only travel camera (apart from a Barnack......and a 5x4, with tripod, film holders....). I just accept there are somethings I will not get photos of (golden eagles on a distant ledge, deer in a far corrie, Nessie in the pouring rain - but then Nessie only appears when there's no one around with the right camera, or competent to use it).

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Some food for thought. Been this spring to Glencoe for a long weekend of photography. Did not bring my Q and shot my SL with lenses from 16mm to 280mm. From my favorite photos (https://express.adobe.com/page/nDVk4lQHUHzWW/ ) around only 23% were shot with focal length between 24mm and 32mm, as per a quick analysis in Lightroom. To my taste, especially in big landscapes I do prefer longer focal length. A complete different scenario is if you are much more into city travel photography, where I have done some trips only with my Q. Therefore, in my view, it is very much dependent of what you want to shoot to decide, if an "only Q2" approach is not something you might regret once arriving on location... 

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28mm is a wonderful Focal Length. Just do it.

Landscape you might do with 35 or 50mm. But when you have only 28mm its perfect too.

And then there is that little button on the back of your Q2. Just do not hesitate to use it. It gives you the satisfaction that you have 35 and 50m as well. Even 75mm. And when looking at your images on an iPad then you are fully fine anyway.

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When taking a trip to Edinburgh I wrestled with which cameras to take, a DSLR kit, the Q or both.  Fortunately I chose the Q.  Light, unobtrusive and so easy to use.  A few images from the trip.    Yes, they do wear kilts in Scotland!

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54 minutes ago, Alan J said:

The photos and information is most helpful. Thank you!

Wondering if you ever got to use the Q2 out along the coast areas and results?



I would strongly suggest reviewing images from LFI and from this forum to see what the Q2 can do with landscapes, coastal and otherwise. There are literally 100’s across both locations. If none of them capture your eye then I suggest trying another camera.

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