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Using flash while partying


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Hey , 


i was using the q2 with a speedight on a party. The results are good, but when it’s dark the autofocus takes for ever to recognize faces. Any ideas on how to speed up this af , other then switching to manual an doing it manual? 

Additional light source? 

thanxs Peter 

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Some cameras and some flash units have a auto-focus auxiliary light built in.  The Q and the SF40 both mention it in the manuals.

My Q has a built in AF lamp, but I've never used it or checked to see if it would turn on the AF lamp in the flash unit.

 I'm assuming that the Q2 would have one also.


The built-in AF auxiliary light extends the operating range of the AF system to take account of poor lighting conditions. If the function is active, the light comes on under these conditions as soon as the shutter release button or the thumb button is pressed.

Setting the function

1. Select Focus in the menu,
2. then AF Assist Lamp in the sub-menu, and

3. select the desired setting there


Let us know if it turns out to be a useful feature.

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