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M10M: Is it safe to use a Jupiter 12 35mm with M39 adapter? Worried about damage to sensor/shutter.


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Hello all,

I recently acquired the Jupiter 12 35mm lens...and was thinking it might be fun to adapt to my M10M.

That lens has a rather long and large bulbus rear lens and I've read it's safe to use on most mirrorless cameras, I haven't been able to find anything specific saying it would fit safely on the Leica M10.


Does anyone have experience, info or links about this?


Thank you in advance,


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I have sent a telex to Kremlin and the fellow comrades from the politbureau confirmed Jupiter 12 35mm/2.8 LTM mount (not Contax mount) can be used on a M mount with an adapter. The worst thing it coud do is block the camera mirror, but luckily your camera does not have a mirror. Check this video embedded at exact time the lens is mounted on M240. The man says the lens does NOT fit on the SL though.
Not the best performer due to the back lens so close to the digital sensor (purple fringing) and ugly, out of control flares.

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According to drawings, e.g this one:

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there should be enough space so that the rear element will not hit the shutter in normal use. However, like with several collapsible LTM lenses, there is a risk of the rear element outer edge hitting something else, e.g the rangefinder arm roller, if the lens is tilted when mounting.

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Alright..thank you everyone for the response!!

I have  M39 to M adapter on the way and will carefully give it a try.

I really want to mainly use it on the digital camera to test out in conjunction with a cheaper end 35mm viewfinder to compare that with live view, etc, before I throw the lens onto a good quality Zorki 4 I got to shoot some film with.....


I know, jumping through some weird hoops....but wanted to see how things did before I aimed this lens at film...AND, heck, thought it might give some unique images on the old M10M from time to time, as that I have really gotten to enjoy shooting adapted vintage lenses on the M10M.


Again, thank you all!



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