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Noise when operating 90-280


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I recently purchased a used lens off eBay. It is in excellent condition and the picture quality is great.

However, I notice that as I move the camera, there is a sound coming from the lens. It's hard to describe, but it's like a sonor type sound. I'm sure it's the image stabilizer, but just wanted to see if other folks have noticed this.


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I use the lens a lot. I don't know if I've become insensitive, but I don't notice any noise in shooting. I daresay I might hear a noise from the OIS if I listened hard and, of course, focusing noise when focusing, but it's not something I have had to think about.

Try switching off AF and OIS separately and see if you get the same noise - that should tell you the source.

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Yup, definitely the image stabilization. When I turned it off, I no longer heard it.

The noise is not loud at all. I only noticed it when I was testing the lens in a quiet room. Like a very soft beep type sound. If I put my ear to the lens, I can hear the motors working and then when I move the lens, I hear the beep sound.

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Just a followup. 

I took the lens to the Leica store and initially they didn't hear anything. However, when they brought it to the backroom, they could hear it.

They mounted their 90-280 on and it had the same exact noise. They said it's just the mechanical movement of the stabilizer.

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