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Is my new Leica M11 that bad


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Too bad the review was not made with Lomo lenses :D. Just kidding.
Only critics i would endorse are # 2 and 5 below.
1. Lack of customizable controls: not for me.
2. buggy firmware: not for me but i use only UHS-I cards. 
3. poor AWB performance: mediocre as usual.
4. poor auto exposure performance: not for me.  
5. shutter always feels slow: my opinion.
6. focus peaking is bad: not for me.
7. overpriced battery: just Leica.
8. sometimes shutter won’t even release: not for me.
9. no countdown timer when using exposure bracketing: useless for me.
10. really cheap wall charger and packaging: good enough for me.

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He covers various concerns that others have also mentioned, but unfortunately loses some credibility given the many misunderstandings, including but not limited to those mentioned above. We have entire threads already covering just of few of these misconceptions and oversights. 

The M11, unfortunately, is like most every digital M camera, particularly new platform designations, that have a host of ‘teething’ issues, many of which end up resolved via FW updates, editing software changes, and/or user adjustments.  The M9 initially raised a stink here over many user issues, only to end up beloved by many of the same people.  Time will tell for the M11.


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4 hours ago, mangorosa said:

I don’t know. But the only thing I see in that review is that the only thing he was able to get in focus was that tree. 

Who is he and has he ever shot a rangefinder before? 

If you’re reading a Leica M review and the reviewer writes this

“Some basic video features would be nice.”

Stop reading. 

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4 hours ago, lct said:

3. poor AWB performance: mediocre as usual.

I'd call it atrocious.
It's the worst AWB i've seen from all the cameras i've ever owned except for the Sigma SD-11.

And it's not "as usual" either - my Typ240 is way better when put side-by-side.

The rest of the review is... Ugh.



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The what now?

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My first Leica was an m10 which I purchased in Nov. 2017 along with a few Leica lenses. I upgraded to the M10-R and then to the M11. Each version is better and I think that the M11 is the best M yet. I also own the SL2 which I shoot M lenses with the adapter. 

I had a lot of issues with quality control with Leica lenses that could not focus out of the box that had to serviced by Leica. My M10-R had hot pixels occasionally in underexposed areas. I sent it back to Lieca and they replaced the sensor and shutter under warranty.

Crossing my fingers, but so far no issues with the M11. Paired with my APO-Summicron 35mm or 50mm lenses, it's an awesome, compact image creating machine. I love it.

That said, I am looking forward to an M11 firmware update that will allow bluetooth transfer of GPS data from my iPhone.

Bud James

Please check out my fine art and travel photography at www.budjames.photography.

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The lens thing I just don’t get. Any modern lens (Leica, voightlander, etc. ) resolve detail on the 60mp sensor just fine. I use the 50 apo, 35 cron asph, 24 summilux, a couple of voigtlander lenses, the LLL 50 and a couple of pre war collapsible lenses. 
The only time I notice resolution issues when pixel peeping is on the vintage glass.

I notice other issues (CA, flaring) but not resolution. 

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I think user reviews like this from someone not used to rangefinder systems is pointless. There's always a learning curve when coming from a different system especially DSLR. I was a Canon user for years. Purchased every high end system they offered and loved my experience with them. But I had to learn each change every time I brought a new camera. I found myself more impressed with the technology than actually taking pictures. After purchasing the Q2 and still using my 1DX MII and R5 together for a few months I found myself using the Q2 more so I got the M11. Definitely takes more time to focus and compose but that's the beauty of the M system.  No more letting the technology of the newer systems do all the work.  







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Most reviewers who are not owners of a camera only get to play with it for a few days, and if a reviewer has never used a Leica M camera before that may not be enough time to get used to the M11. This guy seems to have bought the camera but not spent enough time with it or figured out how to customize its controls. There are plenty of modern camera lenses that do well with the 60MP sensor of the M11. Mr. Griffin does not understand the physics of diffraction or MTF, or the limitations of a 35mm size sensor.

And I for one am glad Leica did not put a lot of RAW editing features into the M11, which they could do for DNGs but chose not to. Who wants to stand around editing images on the tiny rear screen or EVF? I have never done that on my Nikon D850 and would not do it on the M11. Computers with a hardware-calibrated monitor cannot be beat for editing RAW files. If you want mobile editing you can do it on an iPad via the Leica Fotos app or Lightroom for iOS.

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I had to look several times to see if I was reading a thread begun in Feb. or March due to the misinformation contained therein.  I have had no issues with white balance, batteries or anything else.  It's been a complete pleasure.  As far as the review goes, it's pointless.  No amount of excusing someone about being unfamiliar, unused, or comes from auto focus, or anything else.  The reviewer clearly doesn't like or understand the equipment but opined anyway.  

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