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D-LUX 7 camera strap

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1 hour ago, Paul Heiney said:

I am enjoying my new D LUX 7, but NOT the strap which is a real fiddle to attach.  Very small split rings - finger ends bleeding, pen knife and pliers needed. Crazy. And it's too short!    How can you design genius cameras and provide lousy straps like these?

Paul, welcome! Have you considered a wrist strap? I find that solution better for my older version D Lux. Deft use of my penknife blade eases fitting a split ring. But a wrist strap has a simple loop to attach. There are alternatives. 

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My problem with the Leica Strap is it’s impossible to remove.  I always have a “quick release” mechanism on my camera strap ‘cause I like to be able to take it off easily.

I made a simple modification to make the Leica strap work.  It required two inexpensive purchases: two micro carabiners, and some super small split rings (because the strap connection on the camera is too small a diameter for any carabiner to slide through).

I got the carabiners at REI, and I bought the least number of split rings I could from Amazon… I only needed two, but I have 100, well…now 98..

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