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M240 - good buy in 2022?

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On 11/25/2022 at 6:57 AM, Jskywalker said:

Yes, a M240 and a M 35mm FLE. All for one price.

For $3,400, I'd say you paid about $1,000 too much for the M240 but got a free 35 FLE.  Others here know more about prices than I do but I think a Leica 35mm FLE sells for around $4,000.  Congrats!

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19 hours ago, Jskywalker said:

Thanks. Will seriously consider a 2nd lens although I'm pretty happy with the 35mm.

The previous owner simply wanted to get rid of her Leica gear that she doesn't use it anymore... hence the price. 

Think some people tried the M which doesn't have the modern bell and whistle like auto focus etc. and doesn't like it 🤔

No heat on the second lens, many forum posts from members say they love having one lens, it eliminates choices and mastering one lens has benefits.  

Re: some people....doesn't like it.  It's common to try it and trade it in, only to again try it and like it the second or third time.   

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This protector is a musthave. I have two of them 😄

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