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X Vario and moving the AF point

Me Leica!

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After my last camera gave up on me (after a lot of good service, mind you), I started pondering what to get to replace it. After a process of elimination I had it down to a couple of options, neither of which happened to be Leica, but then I saw an X Vario in a local shop. I'd never considered this camera before, but I did some googling on it and it seemed like a nice compromise of IQ, usability, weight, etc. So I picked it up yesterday. 

I've only just started playing around with it, so this may well be an "RTFM" question (although it didn't come with a "FM", and it's a Leica, so it's not like you have to master a Sony-style maze of menus). I found the way to move the AF point is by pressing the "Delete/Focus" button for a second or two, which then makes the AF point movable. That's fine, but a little slow, so I wanted to know if there's a faster way.

I'm not going to be using this camera in situations where I need blazing AF; in many cases I'll probably use MF. But for those times where AF is useful, is there a faster way to move the AF point?

Thanks in advance!

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There is also the well-known trick:

- move the camera so that the AF point is on the target point you want in focus

- depress halfway the trigger (this will lock AF) and keep it so

- reframe the camera so as to capture the scene you want

- fully depress the trigger

The exposure might change when reframing depending on the mode selected but it can be corrected in post-processing or if you can juggle with your fingers, depress the AE lock before reframing whilst keeping the trigger halfway depressed


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