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Happy Birthday, dear Leica Forum!

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Congratulations Andreas. It’s been a pleasure to be part of the forum and I have made some good friends here over the years. 

I had a “nom-de-forum” in the early Leica-owned days, while I was researching a Digilux 1 for a family holiday in Florida (that I never did get to buy). I had to settle for the Panasonic version.

In 2003, after a crap day at the office, I went into David Stephens’ crack-den in Manchester and came out with my M2 and a 50 Summicron. Have been hooked ever since of course 😊

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7 minutes ago, andybarton said:

I went into David Stephens’ crack-den in Manchester

Similar experience to me. Went past one day in 2019 and just out of curiosity I went in. Had a look around and a chat, that led to a loaner for an hour. That was it I was hooked. Bought my M10-R and 50mm Summilux in October ‘21. Sixish months later I had my second, an M4-P. 

Happy Birthday LUF, here’s to the next 20. 

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Congratulations Andreas and the team! Without LUF I would have missed out meeting some very nice people, both online and in person (some of whom I see reached the party early and are already a bit tipsy, making double posts… ;)) , so than your for that and for the forum itself!

Happy birthday! 🥂🍻🎂

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Thank you for providing the place for us to meet, to discuss, to sometimes disagree, and to show our pictures, Andreas, and congratulations on the forum's anniversary!

As ell an online I have had the pleasure of meeting many, many forum members 'in the flesh' and I'd find it hard to think of one I didn't like; meeting them has literally taken me all around the world, which is a benefit in itself and something I thoroughly enjoy.

Long may the L-Camera-Forum thrive!


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Congratulations Andreas :)Joined in September 2002 too and i have good memories of that time and colleagues like albertknappmd, alessandro, bobtodrick, edkwan, ejc, george, hamey, haris, hektor, john_f, john_mead, leicapages, lincoln_m, mgcd, pascal_meheut, pelizza, pxlpal, rené, respanhol, robert_parker, samwells, steed2, steve_hoffman, symmetron and tess, some of whom have left us unfortunately. 

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Congratulations Andreas!

Thank you for running an excellent forum which has provided us with an opportunity to learn, share knowledge, techniques and images.

After many years of shooting with an M3 & then a DIGILUX 2, I joined the Forum in Dec 2007 after buying an M8.

This was the first image I posted on the Forum, taken at the top of a massive dune in the Namib Desert which took forever to climb.

Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

Simply register for free here – We are always happy to welcome new members!



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Thank you Andreas for keeping the forum breathing. I started on March 3, 2003 with a Leica D-1.  There was a very talented fellow named Daniel Drabek from California. Daniel, quite often , would repost members images with added realistic bullet holes shot through them. Times have changed.  

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Congratulations and thanks for providing much enjoyment for many years. I joined in 2003 and have made a lot of Leica friends during all those years (and probably a few enemies). It's always been fun, interesting, informative.

The only down side is that it has many times stoked my GAS fires and cost me a lot of money. 😁



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