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Heavy SL2 with 90-280mm lens and shoulder strap: should I attach it to the body or to the lens?


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I’m using a BlackRapid shoulder strap that screws into a tripod mount.

So far I’ve attached the strap to the body itself, letting it dangle off my back as I walk about, for hours at a time.

I’m concerned the body could break or get damaged due to the combined weight: 2.5 kg / 5.5 pounds.

Should I screw the strap to the lens instead?

The thing about the lens’ tripod thread is that it is screwed into the lens itself, held by 4 tiny screws… so I don’t know which one is sturdier!

Thank you

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Here’s one guy’s opinion…


I do not do that with my SL2 and 90-280 (or 24-90), however, instead attaching my PD strap/anchors to one camera strap lug and to the tripod mount.  Maybe I’ve been fortunate not to have an issue.  


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Back in the day I was shooting sports and always attached the Blackrapid shoulder strap (or harness when shooting with two bodies) to the tripod collar on the Canon EF 70-200 2.8 or the EF 300 2.8. I often used a monopod with the 300 2.8 and always with the 400 2.8, utilizing the tripod collar. The SL2/90-280 combo is very heavy and I usually mount a monopod to the tripod collar. 

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DesignisOne,  First, welcome to the forum. Second, I agree with Pixeleeater and Luke_Miller in their above posts.  IMO the combo of SL2 and 90-280 is heavy and certainly to carry it via the camera body is inviting issues with the lens mount.  I highly recommend you carry the combo by the lens or lens mount.  r/ Mark

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