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M9 Updated Sensor Cleaning


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I have an M9 with the updated sensor from 2017 (most recent one) 


I tried cleaning it with my rocket blower then I used the proper swabs. 

it got a lot off but not everything. It really needs a professional cleaning…


here is the issue…


I called Leica in NYC and they won’t even touch it. They refuse to touch M9s. Pretty wild they won’t clean their own product. 

what should I do? Can any camera store do a good job? Or is the M9 sensor that fragile? 

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It just needs either a wet clean, or a clean with sticky gel pads, and an idiot could do it......if they can read the instructions. 

Seriously it isn't difficult to do a wet clean or use sticky gel pads. Since the dawn of the digital age photographers have been cleaning their own sensors without having to go back to the camera shop to hold their hand simply to remove a bit of sticky dust, and the camera shop does not give those menial jobs to their brightest employees.

So just to stop you searching high and low to find an answer, get an Eyelead gel pad kit which will on a maintenance basis keep your sensor clean. Every now and again you may get a very sticky dust problem or indeed a problem with oily spots shed from the shutter in the M9. For this you need the Visible Dust products of swabs and cleaning fluid made for oily spots and not just the fluid for a general sensor clean.

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1 hour ago, zkramez said:

professional cleaning…

Do you think there is a training school somewhere for sensor cleaning handing out certificates of competence. Plenty of good YouTube videos - if you start with those from the people that make cleaning products  you need go no further. You have to be prepared to invest in the best products and 250swb has given you these in previous post. Relax and learn to enjoy the task!

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I had marks with the sticky gel things too. After getting the new sensor I used a Lenspen sensor cleaner which worked perfectly. I’ve only had to use it once since I had the sensor changed in 2016. The old sensor collected dust better than my Dyson, the new one doesn’t seem to attract any and I’ve changed lenses just about anywhere.

I am just an amateur sensor cleaner.

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On 8/29/2022 at 3:32 AM, david strachan said:

Eyelead Sticky Gel Pads left pale circular marks on my sensor.  A couple are still there, although faded somewhat after normal sensor cleaning.

An expensive experiment!

That means those were oil spots and you can remove them with Smear Away. 

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9 hours ago, jaapv said:

Why does nobody read the M FAQ ? There is a very clear post on sensor cleaning. 

Maybe any FAQs should be given a more prominent position in the forum hierarchy. At the same level as the wiki perhaps?  But even that seems to be underused.

Its also probable the the answers should be revisited. Not all but some, now that we have much more experience using the products mentioned and the availability of newer products for the sensor cleaning for example.

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It is being checked from time to time and is pinned at the top of various M forums. It is participatory thread, member additions are welcome.  PMs with corrections are also welcome. However, there is a limit to the time that moderators can invest in the forum. 

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