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Q2 Freezes with a Screen Glitch

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Hi folks,

I've having a really frustrating time with my Q2 - purchased early July.
Every so often the camera will freeze up - when I look at the back of the camera the screen with have this horrible glitched image. The only way to get the camera going again is to eject the battery and pop it back in (which is annoying if like me you use the grip attachment). The last image I've taken will appear as a black dng file. 

To give you some scenarios as to when it happened.

With and without flash attached.
With single shot AF as well as continuous.
With any of my three batteries.
On different memory cards - although of the same type (Pro Grade 256GB. V90II Read 300MB/s Write 250MB/s (Formatted in camera)
I'm running Firmware 4.0

I reported the issue to Leica back in July and they sent me a new camera which was great of them but the problem is still happening.
So I'm wondering if it might be the batteries or the memory cards.
Has anyone here used ProGrade cards with their Q2 and if so seen any issues like I've described.

Oh, I should mention. This is my second time to own a Q2. I had one for a couple of months last autumn but sold it. Then instantly regretted it and eventually bought this one in July. When I previously had my very first Q2 I was using the same memory cards (but with different batteries) and never had a problem.

Thanks so much

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Never heard of this… Sounds like you got a faulty unit, but I think the odds of TWO having this unique issue back-to-back means something you’re doing or using isn’t agreeing with the camera for some reason.

My guess, based on your post, is it’s a bug with the memory cards you’re using. Can you try with another type?

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Thanks for the reply and apologies for the slow response.
Current update is that I've tried this with completely different memory cards and I'm getting the same problem from time to time. Also this evening I was recording some video and I had the same problem. I don't use my Q2 for much video to be honest so this is actually the first time it's happened.

I had a Q2 for two months last year between September and November and I never had this happen to be once - I shot 12 weddings with the camera during that time so the unit took a lot of images.

Since July I've had two bodies and this problem has happened more times that I'd care to remember. 
Aside from maybe a batch of bad batteries I have literally no idea what the problem is at this point - and nor does it seem does Leica unfortunately.

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Just to update this thread. 
The fix above that was DM'd to me unfortunately didn't work (Fix was to use an SD Card Formatter app, format the cards that way then put them into the camera, format them again and hopefully that would do the trick.) Last weekend I had two weddings and I lost count the number of times I had the fault. Didn't seem to matter what the camera settings were at the time, what battery I had in, memory card etc It happened so often. 
I emailed Leica about it on Sunday night, they got back to me yesterday to tell me they'd send a new body and today I received it - as always, I have to credit their incredible customer service. I'll have more weddings at the weekend so I'll be able to put the new body through it paces so I'll update this thread with any findings.

I do have a google photos folder showing the fault happening so if anyone wishes to see it feel free to DM me.

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Hi @adamhouseman - So sorry to hear you're having the same touble - although weirdly it gives me some comfort that I'm not the only one.

Yeah I bought mine new. in early July - this is now my 3rd body so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Can I ask - what Firmware version are you running? I've been on Version 4 but I'm wondering whether I should just keep this new body on version 3. The reason being is that I actually owned a Q2 last year for two months between Sept and Nov (before seeing it and instantly regretting it) and I shot 12 weddings on it and never had an issue. That camera was on version 3 firmware and I was using the exact same memory cards as I'm using now. 

So my thinking is that maybe there is something in the data management update in version 4 that is not fully compatible with my memory cards or my cards have just become faulty and less reliable over time. In over 13 years of shooting weddings though I've never had a memory card failure. Not once so I have really doubting it's the cards.

What cards are you currently using?

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This keeps happening to me as well. It is super frustrating. The only “permanent” fix I’ve had with this is resetting the camera. I had this happened once when I first traded this camera with another dude for my sl2-s (regretting that trade sometimes) but it happened today again. And it’s incredibly annoying. 

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