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M240 / 262 ND filter experiences / recommendations

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The M240 acts oddly with my current no-name ND filters - only pink color, out of focus images with my no-name 58mm size ND8 (on the Voigt 75mm/1.5) and purple shading with my no-name 49mm size ND8 (on the Distagon 35mm 1.4). Must be connected to the infra-red sensitivity of the sensor - similar to the excessive pink / purple expression with some fabrics and skin tones.

These cheap ND filters work fine with my Z7 - the issue is clearly the connection of the ND filter and the M240 sensor.

Before I throw a lot of money at a brand-name ND8 filter - are there any experiences (good or bad) to share? Thank you.

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My B+W ND10 filter works just fine on my M262. The one thing in common with all of the ND filters you have tried is the "No-Name" maker. It may be the problem, it may not. An easy test would be to take your M240 to any camera store that has a B+W or any higher end name brand ND filter and ask them if you can try out the filter on your camera by taking a test shot. If it works problem solved. Save the other ND filters for the Nikon.

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