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Which is more beautiful?

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1 hour ago, shirubadanieru said:

I tried using it in the store and neither me nor the person selling it had a clue how to use it ahah

Do you mean Zero Replica ?

Yes, this is Special "mimic 1913 user type".


Not for everyone 😕.

Unlike later LTM Leica,

always keep the lens capped, remove the cap only for picture taking, no self capping mechanism in shutter blinds, yet

we must push down the shutter "speed" when the small red dot is aligned with the mark, having turned the knob half-way !

The markings are in width of shutter opening "millimeters", "2" = 1/500s ... "10" = 1/100s ..."50" = 1/20s

and so on 😁

have a read here ...

Wiki page


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30 minutes ago, a.noctilux said:


Yes, this is Special "mimic 1913 user type".



Not sure if that's intended as a criticism but these replicas are an immersive experience in a similar way that pinhole photography is to those whose natural approach to making images is a more considered one. 

I don't use mine with much thought to it simply being a replica of a 100+ year old camera, to me it's primarily a different camera which requires a slightly different procedure and thought process in use.

The quality of materials and construction is excellent and the 50mm anastigmat lens is more than a match for modern film emulsions. 


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