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Does anyone else dislike the Q2 lens hood / cap?

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38 minutes ago, Farrell Gallery said:

Besides me? I'm a lens flare guy, and wonder if a different lens cap would work if I went with a protective filter and possibly a smaller round hood? 

I actually really like the design of the lens hood. I have a clear filter on and never (ever) use the lens cap. 

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I purchased a round vented hood for my Q.

It just didn't look right...have gone back to the Leica supplied hood...it works and looks fine.  I to (like Sir Blunder) have a B+W clear filter and don't bother with the cap.

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7 minutes ago, LocalHero1953 said:

Fair enough.
I carry my Q2 in a bag. Then, when it's on my wrist in use, the cap is back in the bag. 

That is actually safer, as I have lost caps that I kept in the pocket. I keep it in my pocket only if I do not carry a bag.

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Yes, I am not a fan of the cap either. I don't have issues with the hood. I have not tried the Q cap...just a bit fussy to get things shipped here, and it is kind of pricey. I mostly just drop the cap in the bag or my pocket when working, and only use the cap as storage. It is not a great solution though. The metal cap is large and the metal does make noise if it touches something (like other objects in a pocket). It also does not really fit very satisfyingly (probably just low level ocd on my part), in that it does not secure other than with friction and there is a visible gap on the top and bottom where the hood bends inward. So in the case of rain, the water hitting the camera would run down the lens hood and into cap/lens area. There is a small piece of felt on the inside of the cap that contacts the hood, so this might collect the water first, but overall it is not a reassuringly tight seal, like a normal cap would give. Overall it looks like an afterthought it an otherwise well designed camera.

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