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Q2 or Q2M or both?

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Been pondering this question myself for some time now. My current position is that I need a more versatile camera in addition to the Q2M, in other words a camera with interchangeable lenses that allows me to go very wide and use tele lenses. For that I have the Sony a7c with a couple of lenses, but mostly used with the Voigtländer 21f3.5, Voigtländer Apo Lanthar 35f2 and Sigma 90mmf2.9 Contemporary.

The Q2M is unique in it ability to render B&W and to incorporate 3 (maybe even four) focal lenghts into a fixed lens set-up.

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For me, the whole point of the Q series is the lack of choice: one camera, one lens, but still high quality, full frame images. You don't have to worry about which lens to take with you. It's liberating. Buying both would be buying back into an emphasis on equipment rather than photography.

OK, I have a few other digital and film cameras, but the Q2 is the only one that I take with me for travel, social, family etc.

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12 hours ago, Richard K said:

I have a Q2M but I miss my Q2. Do any of you have both or planning on acquiring both? I think I need help…😟

Hi There Richard

It's a complicated question. If you only shoot black and white it's a bit of a no-brainer, but if you sometimes shoot colour then the Q2M isn't really right.

I didn't buy a Q2 after the testing period . . . but always rather wondered whether I should. Then after testing the Q2M I loved it and bought one . . . . . but the problem was that I do often shoot colour which meant that I always needed to carry another camera as well as the Q2M, so in the end I sold the Q2M.

Just recently I bought a Q2 reporter, and I've loved it - quite happy to go out with just the Q2 (like Paul @LocalHero1953).

So, Help is Here - bite the bullet, sell the Q2M and go back to a Q2 (after all, the black and white conversions are great!).



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Totally agree with @jonoslackreply.  My shooting style ends up 80/20 favouring B/W images, but my Q2 still provides the option of those images(that cry for a colour rendition) to be taken with a single camera.  Having a Q2M only doesn't provide that option, unless you know that the Q2M output in B/W is that superior.

Good luck....

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