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Artisan TT Ligthmeter

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Hello all

Hello all

I have just tested the recent artisan TT lightmeter. You can find several tests in the Internet and from my point of view the conclusion is quite harmless as opposed to reality. The metering result is off by at least two stops. That makes the equipment quite useless and you’re better off using the Sunny 16 rule.I have purchased this via the online store and on my request I have received no answer. So my conclusion is here that even though things look alike compared to the voigtlaender meter, The performance cannot be trusted. Take your own conclusion on this. I will try hiebeco meter next.

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The MR meter has a calibration screw underneath to I find the battery adapter unnecessary.

My TT Artisan light meters have been pretty accurate if you understand how to use them. They are point and click. If you move the camera, you need to click again.


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I had my MR meter adjusted to use modern batteries, so no adapter needed.  Just do that.

I have read in several places now that these knock off Voigtlander style meters are not consistent.  Just get the real thing.  I find the VCII excellent.

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2 hours ago, chemist said:

Hallo i Pacific

thanks for suggesting. Where can i get the canto adapter? The microbattery source from Uk doesnt work any more and the dutch offer is merely a diy set to build an adapter. Thanks for reply. 

It call "kanto mr 9"

you may find one on ebay

it can make a SR43 batteries down voltage to 1.35v which is as same as PX625  

The SR43 batteries should be easy to get 

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On 8/19/2022 at 6:35 PM, edstock said:

Why use a low cost meter with a KK cost Leica? Get a Leica MR meter or at least a VC meter.

I have the Leica meter and the VCII meter (2 of them!  Black and silver).  I prefer the VCII as it is much easier to attach/detach, and for me much easier and more intuitive to use.

You just gotta remember it is not attached to the shutter speed dial like the Leica Meter!

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